More varied prices for bigger projects!


This is the place to order bigger commissions or to hire me for, say, illustrating a book or animating a music video.


Prices listed here are an average! Prices may go both above or below the prices listed here depending on how complex your order is!


A full scene of a various number of characters.

$50 USD - $100 USD

Things That Influence Price

  • Complexity of background.

  • Amount of characters.

  • Shading or art style desired.

  • Amount of illustrations ordered.


Animated videos.

$30 USD - $100 USD per second

Things That Influence Price:

  • Length of animation.

  • Complexity of animation.

  • Art style requested.

  • Amount of scenes.

  • Amount of characters.


A still, panel-by-panel story.

$10 USD - $60 USD per panel

Things That Influence Price:

  • Amount of panels.

  • Complexity of backgrounds.

  • Complexity of individual panels.

  • Amount of settings.

  • Art style requested.

Misc. Long-Term Projects

Think character designer for video game or storyboarder for an animation.

$25 USD per hour

I will keep track of my hours worked and I will send the finished product after receiving at least half payment.

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