Written and Illustrated by Natalie Sullivan

If you were given a choice between eight different pills and each one gave you a different superpower...

Which Pill Would You Choose?

Follow the eight original members of the superhero group the "Power Pills" as their origin stories are told. Starting with the socially awkward Caleb Budde, this series is a quirky superhero comic that quickly spun into a world of colorful characters and goofy interations.

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Member 1: Caleb Budde

The unspoken leader of the Power Pills, Caleb Budde, is also the original member of the team. He's a  nervous person with a heat of gold.


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Sometimes college kids just want to have fun. When Caleb's roommate, Guy Foust, drags him to a party, he runs into a man with a strange pill...

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Caleb Budde, Guy Foust, Travis Birman, Kate Dhanani

Volume 1: The Party

Volume 2: Effects

After Caleb's medical issues at the party, Caleb wakes up to what seems normal but when he begins to hear voices, he realizes that maybe he had more than just a headache.

Total pages:



Caleb Budde, Guy Foust

Volume 3: The Robbery

Now that Caleb has adjusted to his powers, he accidentally overhears a group of three students planning a robbery. Caleb convinces Guy to come with him to stop the robbers.

Total pages:



Caleb Budde, Guy Foust, Travis Birman, Unnamed Superhero

Heeding the superhero's warnings, Guy enrolls Caleb in mixed martial arts where he and Kate Dhanani explore his powers. Until someone begins attacking the town.

Total pages:



Caleb Budde, Guy Foust, Kate Dhanani, Travis Birman, Avery Rodriguez

Volume 4: Mind Reader

Team Soul Seer Themed Merch

Member 2: Daniel Wirsch

Dan is the heart of the Power Pills. He's a rough-around-the-edges, theater kid who refuses to admit when he's been beaten. He can be a bit prickly, but he's also one of the most fun people you'll meet.

Volume 5: Skeptic

Dan REFUSES to admit that there is a person out there who can read minds, but his disbelieving attitude may bring some ironic proof his way.

Total pages:



Dan Wirsch, Lucy Cipher, Max Armijo

It appears that the pill has taken effect, and Dan now feels like a fish out of water trying to adjust to the new abilities he had no idea were even possible to have.

Total pages:



Dan Wirsch, Lucy Cipher, Nico Hyland, Max Armijo, Jason Kendi

Volume 6: Out of Water

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