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Character Design

Original designs and reference sheets!

Design Examples

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Build your reference sheets using these different options!

ALL Reference Sheets Come with...

  • Front and back drawings of any animal ears, tails, or wings in the design.

  • Copy-pasteable PNG assets of patterns used on the design.

  • Clothed and unclothed character art!


Dainty Custom 12.png

Base by @Pajuxi-Adopts

Choose Your Entrée

Only one of these two options is allowed as they conflict with each other!

On-Base Image

The main image will be drawn on a premade base! Cheaper but less unique!

$30 USD

Custom Event Custom 29.png
Custom Event Custom 12.png

Off-Base Image

The main image will be drawn from scratch, giving your design a unique pose and body type!

$75 USD

Caleb Budde.png
Dainty Custom 02 Examp.png

Original Design Fee

Is this a custom design from scratch or of a character with just a text description and a few Pinterest images to show their hairstyle?

This will count as a design custom and will cost extra because I will have to double check with you as I'm designing the character to make sure you like it!

+$25 USD

Custom Concept 23.png

How the Design Process Works

  • After I receive payment for your order, I will begin work on your character design!

  • I will create a VERY loose sketch of your character design, allowing you to request as many changes as you need.

    • Off-base designs get an extra sketch at this stage! On-base designs will have their loose sketch drawn directly on top of their chosen base.

  • Once the loose sketch has been approved, I will transfer the drawing to the final image.

    • From here out, only MINOR CHANGES will be allowed so make sure ALL grievances are listed in stage 2.

Alternate Views

Back, side, 3/4, 7/8, etc, etc. Available for OFF-BASE designs only!

$45 USD ea.

Custom 28 Farmy.png

Alternate Outfits

Order as many other outfits of your character as you want!

$40 USD ea.

Design Trade 01.png

Profile Bust Shot

Want to show what your character looks like from the side but don't want to pay for a full side view? Try a close-up of your character from the side but just from the neck-up!

$20 USD

Custom 13.png
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