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Terms of Service

What you agree to by ordering work from me.


If you plan on using my work in a published book, video game, on a t-shirt, or similar monetized platforms, you will be charged a fee for commercial use of my work!

If you are using my work somewhere monetized online, such as a talksprite for a YouTube channel, you only have to pay this fee if you earn more than $300 per month (if you use my asset in every video) or $300 per upload (if you only use my asset in one video), it counts as commercial use and will be required to pay the fee.

The commercial use fee is $100, but can go higher if the published work begins doing very well.

No Reference Fee

If you asked me to draw a character that does NOT have a drawn image of themselves for me to use as a reference, you will be asked to pay a no reference fee!

+ 1/2 the cost of the commission for any commissions under $75.

+ $35 for any commissions over $75.

Works In Progress

If you ordered a commission you can ask to see works in progress after every major stage of the commission.

HOWEVER. I will not send WIPs unless asked.

Editing Policy

If you order a WIP you're allowed two MAJOR changes to the piece  after seeing a WIP (such as reposing the character or editing the character's outfit) however after the piece is finished you are only allowed minor edits! (i.e. changing eye color or fixing a small area of the hair.)

NFTs and AI

You are NOT allowed to use my art as an NFT or a submission into an AI art generator. Even with commercial use rights.

What I WILL Draw

  • Humans, anthros, ferals, and closed species!

  • Characters from TV shows or movies.

  • Fan characters.

What I WILL Draw, But am Not Strong With

  • Anything made of metal (Robots, armor, cars, etc)

  • Reptiles

  • Gore

  • Pastels

  • Complicated character designs.

What I WON'T Draw

  • Fetishes.

  • Nudity or pornography.

  • Any sort of hate art or discrimination.

I reserve the right to deny commission orders for any reason as well as the ability to use commissioned art in art books and portfolios.

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